The genesis for Leada began in February of 2014. As Statistics majors at UC Berkeley we were intimately familiar with equations such as these:

But our future jobs presented us with problems such as the one below:

This knowledge gap, between the skills that employers require and the theoretical education we received from our ivory tower, isn’t just a problem for statistics majors or Cal grads.

What if you could grow the skills that employers require through projects that students could complete? Companies would be able to better qualify job candidates and students would gain experience completing industry-like work. It’s the obvious win-win situation that we were compelled to create.

So what does a Masters in Data Science, a Computer Science & Statistics double major, and a Business & Statistics double major do but create this for data science? An industry desperate for an infusion of people and that McKinsey predicts will have a 1.75 million shortfall in data science talent by 2018.1

But is there actually a talent gap? We believe data science is an interdisciplinary subject and can be tackled from a variety of backgrounds (including physics, math, economics, and business). We believe that the talent exists. We also know that the skills are missing. We know individuals who have the talent but not the skills and we know that Leada can build the skills that you need. Leada can fill the shortfall in data science hires.

Leada Founders: Brian, Tristan, and Mark

So what is Leada? Leada is a recruiting platform for data science. Leada is the means by which you can transform your knowledge into employable talent. We are Leada. We want to bridge the gap between your knowledge and your potential skills by creating data challenges for people like you who want to become data scientists.

  1. McKinsey Report, Big Data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity